Special Section Introduction: Artificial Intelligence and Advertising. The Impact of AI on the Advertising Process: The Chinese Experience. Understanding Programmatic Creative: The Role of AI. Smart Generation System of Personalized Advertising Copy and Its Application to Advertising Practice and Research. An Algorithm for Allocating Sponsored Recommendations and Content: Unifying Programmatic Advertising and Recommender Systems. Consumer Responses to Homosexual Imagery in Advertising: A Meta-Analysis. Crafting Extraordinary Stories: Decoding Luxury Brand Communications. The Image Realism Effect: The Effect of Unrealistic Product Images in Advertising. Dichotomous Thinking and Ethical Consumerism: Overcoming the Negative Effects of Self-Interest Bias through Third-Person Narrative Persuasion. The Power of Emotional Benefits: Examining the Role of Benefit Focus on Donation Behavior. Consumer Responses to Femvertising: A Data-Mining Case of Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" on YouTube. Exploring the Selective Use of Ad Blockers and Testing Banner Appeals to Reduce Ad Blocking. A Meta-Analysis into Multiscreening and Advertising Effectiveness: Direct Effects, Moderators, and Underlying Mechanisms. The Key to 360-Degree Video Advertising: An Examination of the Degree of Narrative Structure. Challenging Traditional Culture? How Personal and National Collectivism-Individualism Moderates the Effects of Content Characteristics and Social Relationships on Consumer Engagement with Brand-Related User-Generated Content. Product Placement in Mass Media: A Review and Bibliometric Analysis. Five Seconds to the Ad: How Program-Induced Mood Affects Ad Countdown Effects. Control, Knowledge, and Persuasive Power in Advertising Creativity: An Ethnographic Practice Theory Approach. A Decade of Online Advertising Research: What We Learned and What We Need to Know. Brand Communication in Social Media: A Research Agenda. Advertising in a Media Multitasking Era: Considerations and Future Directions. Expanding the Agenda of Research on Product Placement: A Commercial Intertext. Less "Sponsorship As Advertising" and More Sponsorship-Linked Marketing As Authentic Engagement. The Celebrity Capital Life Cycle: A Framework for Future Research Directions on Celebrity Endorsement. Gender Roles. The Role of Emotions in Advertising: A Call to Action. Uncharted Territory in Research on Environmental Advertising: Toward an Organizing Framework. Future Directions for Advertising Creativity Research. Exploring the Role of Culture in Advertising: Resolving Persistent Issues and Responding to Changes. Research Issues and Needs at the Intersection of Advertising and Public Policy. When a Correction Contradicts: Countermessages May Increase Adolescents’ Ambivalence in Response to Drinking-Related Narratives How an Advertising Disclosure Alerts Young Adolescents to Sponsored Vlogs: The Moderating Role of a Peer-Based Advertising Literacy Intervention through an Informational Vlog What Components Should Be Included in Advertising Literacy Education? Effect of Component Types and the Moderating Role of Age To Meet or Meat? Homophones in Advertising Encourage Judgments and Behaviors in Children Out of the Closet: When Moral Identity and Protestant Work Ethic Improve Attitudes toward Advertising Featuring Same-Sex Couples Jack and Jill Be Nimble: A Historical Analysis of an “Adless” Children’s Magazine Effectiveness of a School-Based Media Literacy Curriculum in Encouraging Critical Attitudes about Advertising Content and Forms among Boys and Girls Patterns in Motion: How Visual Patterns in Ads Affect Product Evaluations Coming in June 2018: What We Know About In-Store Marketing. Research on Children and Advertising Then and Now: Challenges and Opportunities for Future Research. Parenting "YouTube Natives": The Impact of Pre-Roll Advertising and Text Disclosures on Parental Responses to Sponsored Child Influencer Videos. The Sniffing Effect: Olfactory Sensitivity and Olfactory Imagery in Advertising Persuasive Charity Appeals for Less and More Controllable Health Causes: The Roles of Implicit Mindsets and Benefit Frames Saving Behavior Messaging: Gain/Loss Framing, Self/Family Orientations, and Individual Differences in Collectivism Attracting Comments: Digital Engagement Metrics on Facebook and Financial Performance Branded App Usability: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Prediction of Consumer Loyalty. Narrative Transportation and Paratextual Features of Social Media in Viral Advertising The Creative Search for an Insight in Account Planning: An Absorptive Capacity Approach Facing the “Right” Side? The Effect of Product Facing Direction Uncertainty in Prerelease Advertising