Capitalists in the Twenty-First Century. What do Workplace Wellness Programs do? Evidence from the Illinois Workplace Wellness Study. Food Deserts and the Causes of Nutritional Inequality. How Wide Is the Firm Border? Industrial Policies in Production Networks. Shift-Share Designs: Theory and Inference. Uniform Pricing in U.S. Retail Chains. Promotions and the Peter Principle. Firm-Level Political Risk: Measurement and Effects. Liquidity Affects Job Choice: Evidence from Teach for America. Ever Failed, Try Again, Succeed Better: Results from a Randomized Educational Intervention on Grit. Implicit Stereotypes: Evidence from Teachers' Gender Bias. The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870–2015. Industry Input in Policy Making: Evidence from Medicare. Who Profits from Patents? Rent-Sharing at Innovative Firms. The Effect of Minimum Wages on Low-Wage Jobs. Trade, Merchants, and the Lost Cities of the Bronze Age. Take-Up and Targeting: Experimental Evidence from SNAP. Regressive Sin Taxes, with an Application to the Optimal Soda Tax. Inputs, Incentives, and Complementarities in Education: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania. Acknowledgements. Channeling Fisher: Randomization Tests and the Statistical Insignificance of Seemingly Significant Experimental Results. Exchange Arrangements Entering the Twenty-First Century: Which Anchor will Hold? Who Becomes an Inventor in America? The Importance of Exposure to Innovation. The Unequal Gains from Product Innovations: Evidence from the U.S. Retail Sector. Sell Low and Buy High: Arbitrage and Local Price Effects in Kenyan Markets. The More We Die, The More We Sell? A Simple Test of the Home-Market Effect. Strategic Default in the International Coffee Market. Kinship, Cooperation, and the Evolution of Moral Systems. Protests as Strategic Games: Experimental Evidence from Hong Kong's Antiauthoritarian Movement. Household Time Use among Older Couples: Evidence and Implications for Labor Supply Parameters. Firming Up Inequality *. Price Ain't Right? Hospital Prices and Health Spending on the Privately Insured *. Regional Heterogeneity and the Refinancing Channel of Monetary Policy *. Busting the "Princelings": The Campaign Against Corruption in China's Primary Land Market *. Macro Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions: a Measurement Error Approach *. Moral Hazard: Experimental Evidence from Tenancy Contracts *. Consequences of the Clean Water Act and the Demand for Water Quality *. Forward and Spot Exchange Rates in a Multi-Currency World *. From Hyperinflation to Stable Prices: Argentina's Evidence on Menu Cost Models *. Mission: Human Capital Transmission, Economic Persistence, and Culture in South America *. Global Evidence on Economic Preferences. Excess Sensitivity of High-Income Consumers. What do Exporters Know? Marginal Tax Rates and Income: New Time Series Evidence. Racial Bias in Bail Decisions. The Elusive Costs of Inflation: Price Dispersion during the U.S. Great Inflation. Political Advertising and Election Results. Religious Competition and Reallocation: the Political Economy of Secularization in the Protestant Reformation. Missed Sales and the Pricing of Ancillary Goods.