Front Cover. Cover 2. Cover 3. Cover 4. Table of Contents. 5G/Weather Satellite 24 GHz Spectrum Disagreement: Anatomy of a Spectrum Policy Issue. Guest Editorial. Guidelines for the Design of Vehicular Cloud Infrastructures for Connected Autonomous Vehicles. MobQoS: Mobility-Aware and QoS-Driven SDN Framework for Autonomous Vehicles. Internet of Autonomous Vehicles: Architecture, Features, and Socio-Technological Challenges. Vehicle-Mounted Base Station for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges. Comsoc Membership. Localization and Navigation in Autonomous Driving: Threats and Countermeasures. Fine-Grained TDMA MAC Design toward Ultra-Reliable Broadcast for Autonomous Driving. Dynamic Maps for Automated Driving and UAV Geofencing. Internet of Autonomous Vehicles Communications Security: Overview, Issues, and Directions. Tactile Internet for Autonomous Vehicles: Latency and Reliability Analysis. Designing a Smart Transportation System: An Internet of Things and Big Data Approach. Detecting Malware on X86-Based IoT Devices in Autonomous Driving. Energy-Efficient Subchannel Matching and Power Allocation in NOMA Autonomous Driving Vehicular Networks. Intelligent Radio for Next Generation Wireless Communications: An Overview. Autonomous Traffic Offloading in Heterogeneous Ultra-Dense Networks Using Machine Learning. Detecting Promotion Attacks in the App Market Using Neural Networks. Vision and Challenges for Knowledge Centric Networking. A Computation Offloading Incentive Mechanism with Delay and Cost Constraints under 5G Satellite-Ground IoV Architecture. A Communication Framework with Unified Efficiency and Secrecy. Optimizing Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks by Artificial Intelligence. When Full Duplex Wireless Meets Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access: Opportunities and Challenges. SDN-Based Resource Management for Autonomous Vehicular Networks: A Multi-Access Edge Computing Approach. Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting: Current Status and Future Prospects. Adaptive Coherent/Non-Coherent Spatial Modulation Aided Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Improving Cloud Gaming Experience through Mobile Edge Computing. Toward Realization of Long-Range Wireless-Powered Sensor Networks. [Front cover]. [Front inside cover]. [Back inside cover]. [Back cover]. Table of contents. New Radio (NR) and its Evolution toward 5G-Advanced. Review: The Technical Foundations of IoT. ComSoc Membership [advertisement]. Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Wireless Communications. Artificial Intelligence Empowered Edge Computing and Caching for Internet of Vehicles. When RFID Meets Deep Learning: Exploring Cognitive Intelligence for Activity Identification. COCME: Content-Oriented Caching on the Mobile Edge for Wireless Communications. Deep Learning Based Energy Efficiency Optimization for Distributed Cooperative Spectrum Sensing. A Data-Centric Cognitive Gateway with Distributed MIMO for Future Smart Homes. Fog Computing for Smart Grid Systems in the 5G Environment: Challenges and Solutions. Intelligent Cognitive Radio in 5G: AI-Based Hierarchical Cognitive Cellular Networks. An Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition System Using Deep Learning Fusion for a Cognitive Wireless Framework.