IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Information for Authors Table of Contents. Mitigating Attacks With Nonlinear Dynamics on Actuators in Cyber-Physical Mechatronic Systems Probabilistic Optimal Energy Flow of District Multienergy Systems: An MPLP-Based Online Dictionary-Learning Approach Efficient Insertion of Multiple Objects Parallel Connected by Passive Compliant Mechanisms in Precision Assembly A Rule-Based Approach Founded on Description Logics for Industry 4.0 Smart Factories LMMN-Based Adaptive Control for Power Quality Improvement of Grid Intertie Wind–PV System A Novel Cooperative Platform Design for Coupled USV–UAV Systems Vector-Based Synchronization Method for Grid Integration of Solar PV-Battery System An Inter Type-2 FCR Algorithm Based T–S Fuzzy Model for Short-Term Wind Power Interval Prediction Model Predictive Direct Speed Control With Torque Oscillation Reduction for PMSM Drives Lightweight and Physically Secure Anonymous Mutual Authentication Protocol for Real-Time Data Access in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks Optimized Adaptive Nonlinear Tracking Control Using Actor–Critic Reinforcement Learning Strategy Cross-Modal Surface Material Retrieval Using Discriminant Adversarial Learning Learning-Based Demand Response for Privacy-Preserving Users Data-Driven Evaluation for Error States of Standard Electricity Meters on Automatic Verification Assembly Line New Zeroing Neural Network Models for Solving Nonstationary Sylvester Equation With Verifications on Mobile Manipulators Joint Learning of Degradation Assessment and RUL Prediction for Aeroengines via Dual-Task Deep LSTM Networks Accelerated Structure-Aware Sparse Bayesian Learning for Three-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography Real-Time Scheduling of Cloud Manufacturing Services Based on Dynamic Data-Driven Simulation Load Balancing for Reliable Self-Organizing Industrial IoT Networks The Impact of Ramp-Induced Data Attacks on Power System Operational Security A Physically Inspired Data-Driven Model for Electricity Theft Detection With Smart Meter Data A Novel Prognostic Approach for RUL Estimation With Evolving Joint Prediction of Continuous and Discrete States Efficient and Robust Certificateless Signature for Data Crowdsensing in Cloud-Assisted Industrial IoT Model-Based Digital Image Correlation for Noncontact Deformation Measurement of Strain Field and Mechanical Property A Novel Deep Learning Network via Multiscale Inner Product With Locally Connected Feature Extraction for Intelligent Fault Detection Fault Tolerant Consensus for Vehicle State Estimation: A Cyber-Physical Approach A Hierarchical Deep Domain Adaptation Approach for Fault Diagnosis of Power Plant Thermal System Nonlinear Sliding Mode and Distributed Control of Battery Energy Storage and Photovoltaic Systems in AC Microgrids With Communication Delays Performance Benefits of Robust Nonlinear Zeroing Neural Network for Finding Accurate Solution of Lyapunov Equation in Presence of Various Noises On Generalized RMP Scheme for Redundant Robot Manipulators Aided With Dynamic Neural Networks and Nonconvex Bound Constraints Distributed Cooperative Economic Optimization Strategy of a Regional Energy Network Based on Energy Cell–Tissue Architecture Deep Learning for In Situ and Real-Time Quality Monitoring in Additive Manufacturing Using Acoustic Emission A Sensorless Hand Guiding Scheme Based on Model Identification and Control for Industrial Robot Alternating Submodule Configuration Based MMCs With Carrier-Phase-Shift Modulation in HVdc Systems for DC-Fault Ride-Through Capability Indoor Multifloor Localization Method Based on WiFi Fingerprints and LDA Performance Recovery Tracking-Controller for Quadcopters via Invariant Dynamic Surface Approach A New Coil Structure and Its Optimization Design With Constant Output Voltage and Constant Output Current for Electric Vehicle Dynamic Wireless Charging Optimal Communication Scheduling in the Smart Grid Real-Time Identification of Power Fluctuations Based on LSTM Recurrent Neural Network: A Case Study on Singapore Power System FPGA Implementation of Predictive Cascaded Speed and Current Control of PMSM Drives With Two-Time-Scale Optimization Coordinated Energy Dispatch of Autonomous Microgrids With Distributed MPC Optimization Data-Driven Approaches for Diagnosis of Incipient Faults in DC Motors Many-Objective Optimal Power Dispatch Strategy Incorporating Temporal and Spatial Distribution Control of Multiple Air Pollutants Simultaneous Static and Dynamic Analysis for Fine-Scale Identification of Process Operation Statuses A Variable-Gain Finite-Time Convergent Recurrent Neural Network for Time-Variant Quadratic Programming With Unknown Noises Endured. A High Boost Active Switched Quasi-Z-Source Inverter With Low Input Current Ripple Reinforcement-Learning-Based Optimal Control of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Hybrid AC–DC Microgrids